Manny Pérez will premiere this month the second part of “La Soga”

"The rope" will be able from January 28 to free himself of the cinematographic prejudice that second parts were never good. On that date, the Dominican film will be released in Dominican cinemas with the directorial debut of Manny Pérez.

The first part of the 2009 action movie, directed by Josh Crook, told the story of Luisito, a brave man who risks everything to find justice.

It is also related to the rescue system in the neighborhoods in the suburbs of the Dominican Republic and Washington Heights.

In the new script, collects a story in which a former hit man struggles to rescue the love of his life, while facing his inner demons and his violent past.

With an overwhelming fusion of pathos and action, veteran Dominican actor, writer and producer Manny Pérez makes an impressive directorial debut with this long-awaited sequel. "The rope", highlights the portal.

Then add: "Following the former hitman known as "The rope" in this second part he is drawn back to "The underworld".

"Having fled his violent past many years ago, Luisito (Pérez), formerly known as La Soga, wants nothing more than to settle down and start a family with his girlfriend Lía (Sarah Jorge Leon) in the quiet town of Pawtucket, Rhode Island.", tells part of the synopsis of this feature film.

Years after his last job as a highly sought-after hit man, Luisito settled with his girlfriend Lia in a quiet coastal town, he relates.

Unfortunately, they don’t enjoy peace for long, as Lia is kidnapped by someone who wants Luisito to use his abilities one last time.

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With Lia’s life at stake, Luisito faces a group of dangerous assassins, including a particularly mysterious one who has long waited for the opportunity to even the score with his rival, La Soga.


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