Home Entertainment Manny Cruz: “Meringue is harder than ever”

Manny Cruz: “Meringue is harder than ever”

Manny Cruz: "Meringue is harder than ever"

The singer and composer Manny Cruz is a defender of merengue, a genre with which he has transcended in recent years, seeking to place it in the taste of youth.

And despite the fact that many think that he is in crisis, out of date or dead, the interpreter from Santo Domingo says the opposite.

“The merengue is harder than ever, more alive than ever,” says Cruz, who gave as an example of this the fact that with his musical proposal based on the rhythm of the güira and the tambora, he has reached the taste of even the kids.

But not only is he followed by audiences of this age, but also elderly people have expressed their affection and taste for the type of merengue he has been making.

“The formula, I don’t know, is hunger. I was too hungry, and I still am, I think now I’m more hungry and things don’t come by themselves, you have to work hard,” Cruz said.

The artist spoke about this issue during a meeting with the media that took place on Monday night in the Anacaona room of the Jaragua hotel.

There, and together with his musical producer, Antonio González, the choreographer Marcos Taveras, and the producer of the show, Alberto Zayas, in which he gave some details of the presentations of his show “Dominicano de corazón”, which will have three performances this 11 , February 12 and 13, at the La Fiesta Theater of the aforementioned hotel.

Despite the fact that the times in which this genre shone on the audience’s favorite lists are far away, and other trends populate the ratings, Manny continues with his interest in making a rhythm that captivated him since he was a two or three-year-old infant . A moment in which the song “Cal y arena”, by Dioni Fernández & El equipo, was danced by him in front of his mother, in the first half of the 80s.

The “Dominicano de corazón” tour in Santo Domingo will be for the whole family and will admit children from two (2) years of age and older, accompanied by an adult, covering the best of Manny’s repertoire and that will have all the measures and protocols of Health.

The presentations will have some guests such as Illegales, Daniel Santacruz, Eddy Herrera, Jandy Ventura and others who will be a surprise.


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