Manisha Koirala shared the post on social media and recounted the story of the battle with cancer, see painful pictures.

Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala remains in the discussion for one reason or another. Sometimes because of some controversy, sometimes because of his impeccable statement. Meanwhile, Manisha Koirala has shared a social media post that is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In fact, through her post, Manisha has shared the journey of going through a difficult phase during cancer treatment. On the occasion of National Cancer Awareness Day, Manisha shared some images from her treatment and expressed her respect for those who lost their lives due to the disease.

Sharing her photos, Manisha Koirala wrote: “On this National Cancer Awareness Day, I extend my best wishes to all of you and all those who are going through a difficult phase of cancer treatment these days: love and success. I know this journey is very difficult, but you are the hardest of all. I want to pay tribute to the people who bowed down to him and I want to celebrate with those who won this war.

In her post, Manisha wrote: ‘We must raise awareness about this disease and all the stories that are full of hope must be told over and over again. In such a situation, it is very necessary that we be kind to ourselves and to the world. I pray for the health and well-being of all. Thanks.’

In the images shared by Manisha Koirala in her post, she is seen lounging on a hospital bed and posing with her family. In 2012, Manisha Koirala was contracted by ovarian cancer. Manisha Koirala had fought a long battle against this disease and was released in 2015. Manisha Koirala had lived in the United States for six months to receive treatment.

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