Manipulated photos of the RFEF for the trial of Rubiales vs. Jenni Hermoso

Rubiales’ lawyers take command of the actions of the RFEF’s famous president

The controversy revolves around the RFEF, an institution that should be a symbol of honor. However, his image fades in the shadow of doubts and accusations.

Strategy or desperation with manipulated photos?

The decision of Send photos instead of videos Before the denunciations it was questioned by many. In times when precision and clarity are crucial, Opt for a still image instead of a moving shot it leaves a lot to be desired.

Clarity vs. Ambiguity

The images shown have been scrutinized. Its quality and the impression of being “manipulated” only increases suspicion. A communiqué of this magnitude should be based on that accuracy and objectivity.

The duel: Rubiales versus Hermoso

Luis Rubialesthe person in charge of the RFEF, and Jenny Nice, the soccer player at the center of the storm, were portrayed as the protagonists of an argument. Rubiales’ apparent stillness in the footage stands in stark contrast to claims attempting to discredit Hermoso.

More shadows on Rubiales

The information that emerged in 2022 suggests so Rubiales could have compromising recordings with members of the Sánchez government. These allegations add fuel to the fire and paint a bleak picture on the Federation horizon. Only then do you understand that he dares to challenge an entire country.

An uncertain future for the RFEF

As trust in the institution is at breaking point, the RFEF is at a crossroads. Transparency is the main demand of the fans, who are looking for clear answers to their concerns.

For truth and passion

Football is a reflection of a nation’s culture and values. Recent allegations have the name of RFEF. Only sincerity and integrity can save your image and restore the trust of your followers.

The search for the truth

The RFEF has a responsibility with football and with Spain. Clarity, truth and transparency must be your banners in these turbulent times. People expect concrete actions that will demonstrate the institution’s reputation. Sport and Spain deserve it.

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