Mangopay, chosen by Perfume’s Club to manage the funds of its marketplace sellers

the beauty firm Perfume’s Club has chosen mangopaythe platform-specific payment infrastructure provider, to manage the funds of its merchants marketplacein operation since 2022. The association between the two has facilitated the launch and rapid expansion of the Perfume’s Club marketplace, which, today, less than a year after its creation, has more than 60,000 additional products on sale in addition to the 40,000 of its own catalogue.

In 2022, the Perfume’s Club marketplace It exceeded 50 million visits and has managed to extend its presence to more than 14 countries, thus reaffirming itself as one of the most important benchmarks in online perfumery. Perfume’s Club was, in fact, one of the most valued e-commerce by users in 2022, according to a study by the OCU. In the longer term, the beauty firm estimates that its marketplace will maintain its fast growthSo, its offer will reach one million products in two years. The Mallorcan company has placed its trust in Mangopay for its optimized solution, focused on go-to-market strategy. The collaboration between the two has materialized through the connector of mirakl.

In addition, mangopay offers Perfume’s Club the pPossibility to integrate Paypal with a flexible end-to-end solution, specific for marketplaces, which allows you to choose the optimal payment methods and partners for your marketplace. The complete solution provided by Mangopay boosts compliance and cybersecurity, meeting all PSD2 requirements and facilitating the fight against fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing. All this, together with the dedication and professionalism of the Mangopay team, were key when it came to having the payment infrastructure for the start-up and growth of the marketplace.

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“We are delighted to be working with Mangopay to optimize our marketplace. It is key to the development of Perfume’s Club. Well, we needed a trusted payments partner to support our growth. Mangopay’s advanced technology allows us to manage multiple payment streams and easily add new products and merchants to our marketplace.”underlines Marc Torrecilla, Marketplace Manager of Perfume’s Club.

For Mangopay, Perfume’s Club is an important client, not only because of the projection of the company, but also because it is its first client through Mirakl in Spain. “We are proud to be able to accompany Perfume’s Club on its path to leadership in online perfumery, supporting our client in the development and growth of their marketplace. Spain is a key market for Mangopay, and having national partners as relevant as Perfume’s Club is essential for our growth and expansion in this country. In addition, it is our first partner, Mirakl – the platform for marketplaces, in Spain, and we are very happy to bring this association to Spain which, as we have already seen in other markets, is key in the rapid development of marketplaces”comment Nicolas Fournié, Mangopay Country Manager for Spain and Portugal.

The year 2022 has been key for the consolidation of the scale-up business globally and in the Spanish market, in which It already has more than 100 clients and grew by 50%.

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