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Mango brings its e-commerce to 22 new markets

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Mango opened his E-commerce in 22 new markets And It already includes more than 110 markets with an online presence. The company offers the Women’s, Men’s, Teen and Kids product lines in countries where it is launching for the first time, such as Ghana or Haiti, or in countries where it already has a physical store like Sri Lanka, Cameroon or Kenya.

Specific, mango has expanded its online channel to Senegal, Ghana, Cameroon, Republic of Congo, Kenya, Bermuda, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Benin, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mali, Chad, Rwanda, Uganda and Mozambique, Madagascar and Malawi.

“Expanding our online store to twenty markets is a big step forward in our internationalization strategy to make our value proposition accessible to the whole world,” he assured. Elena Carasso, Mango Online Director and Customerwho explained that “the opening of e-commerce in several African countries, especially in those where Mango does not have stores, will allow us to gain knowledge of the market.”

In the first half of 2023 Mango has strengthened its e-commerce with sales growth of almost 10% compared to the same period last year. Through an agreement with the local company, the company began operating online for the first time in Brazil DafitiThe Fashiontech largest in Latin America and part of the Global Fashion Group (GFG).

Mango has successfully completed 2022. The fashion brand has done it Profit of 81 million eurosan increase in 20.9% compared to 2021. The income they reached the 2,688 million eurosA a growth of 20.3% compared to the previous year and 13.2% compared to 2019, when the company reached its previous level. His online business closed last year 960 million euros in sales (in 2021 it was 942 million), which represents 36% of the company’s total revenue and is increasingly closer to 50%. The company’s website ended 2022 with more than 885 million sessions.

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