Mandira Bedi broke down after the death of her husband, everyone cried when they saw the state of crying of the actress

Raj Kaushal, husband of actress Mandira Bedi, died on June 30, 2021 at the age of 49. Today is the second anniversary of his death. Raj died due to cardiac arrest. Mandira and Raj’s married life had completed 23 years. They both have two children, Veer and Tara.

After Raj’s death, the temple was completely destroyed. Mandira lit Raj’s funeral pyre. At that moment everyone cried when they saw him. Everyone felt within themselves the mountain of pain that had been broken in the temple.

However, after a while he had to be careful with his two children. She knew that if she couldn’t bear this difficult time, there would be no one to take care of her children. She had returned to work about a month after Raj’s death. As she shared the shooting photo of her on her Instagram, she wrote: Back to work.

At that time, in an interview with PTI, he had said that after Raj’s departure, he only lives for his children. He had said: My children are the reason I work continuously, trying and improving. My children inspire me. I do everything just for them. They are the reason I keep going, stay alive, do something good. It is thanks to him that I have so much strength that I can win. I want to be a good father to them.

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