Mandatory technical control of motorcycles is suspended in the face of motorcyclers’ anger

Mandatory technical control of motorcycles and two-wheeled vehicles is suspended until further notice. After its publication in the Official Gazette in early August, the decree generated a wave of criticism. Faced with the outcry, Emmanuel Macron asked for his suspension. The subject will be put back on the table at the start of the school year.

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A few days ago, the mandatory technical control for motorcycles and two wheels entered the Diário da República. deserter ofa European directive of 2014, the decree was approved by the General Directorate of Energy and Climate (DGEC) in June. It imposes a technical check every year on all motorcycle, Vespa, moped or even helicopter owners. The decree aims to combat road accidents and pollution.

The measurement generated quickly a round of criticism throughout France. “We would like to have arguments that prove that a technical control brings something, but there is none. The condition of motorcycles is almost never involved in accidents. Studies, even the most pessimistic, reach 0.7% of the cases of accidents that would be due to the condition of the motorcycle”, notably claims Alexandre Reynaud of the federation of furious motorcyclists of Drôme-Ardèche.

Emmanuel Macron suspends mandatory technical control of motorcycles

In the light of identified criticism, Emmanuel Macron suspended the measure. According to the Ministry of Transport, the technical control of two wheels is “suspended until further notice ” at the request of the President of the Republic. The decree is relegated to the program at the beginning of the school year. “the minister [Jean-Baptiste Djebbari] agreed with the federations to meet again at the beginning of the school year to discuss extensively on the various issues that concern them”, announces the Ministry of Transport.

Here again this suspension was accompanied by its share of discontent. Many pedestrian and cyclist associations I regret that the government is backing down in the face of criticism from motorcyclists. Several elected officials also criticized Macron’s turnaround. “Can you imagine the circulation of vehicles on roads that endanger other users without technical control? This European directive is a measure of equality in relation to drivers against accidents and pollution”, said Karima Delli, MEP on Twitter. For your part, how did you receive this decision? We look forward to hearing from you in the comments.

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