Manchester United stops the outbursts of Cristiano Ronaldo from the root

From the Red Devils squad they have made a transcendental decision with the Portuguese crack

The Man Utd stay in the center of the controversy because of the treatment he is giving to one of his idols as he is Cristiano Ronaldo. The ‘Bug‘ has decided to return to a squad very dear to him, since that was where he could explode. This yes, the stay of him this time in the English club has not been the best.

Let us remember that the Portuguese star has had a season dreamy on his return to Old Trafford. the past season he scored 18 goals in the 30 games he played in the Premier League. In the UEFA champions league scored 6 goals, being one of the key names for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Michael Carrick.

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Cristiano receives a punishment from the Red Devils

From Manchester United they make a radical decision with Cristiano Ronaldo

That yes, since the arrival of Erik Ten Hag to Manchester United, the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo has gone to less. For the Dutch coach, he is a footballer who does not count for much and prefers to give other players the opportunity. Since then, the Portugal captain has begun to show some discomfort.

The moments in which the Portuguese star has shown to be in disagreement with the decisions of the coach. One of the latest was in the match at Old Trafford in which the Red Devils beat Tottenham Hotspur. The Portuguese did not have minutes and he decided to go to the locker room before the end of the match.

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The Portuguese will not play against Chelsea

Given this situation, Manchester United has made a momentous decision with Cristiano Ronaldo. After his latest rudeness, Manchester has decided that the player will not be among the squad for the duel against Chelsea CF. At the moment a punished party. If the rudeness continues, the measures will be tougher.

In this way, they want to prevent the ‘Bug’ from continuing to take on the bad attitudes of the past, which, despite their discontent, do not help at all. They have become too radical in a team that is going through a rather irregular moment. We will have to wait for the position that the Portuguese takes in this regard.

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