Home Sports Manchester United is fed up with André Onana

Manchester United is fed up with André Onana

Manchester United is fed up with André Onana

André Onana’s season at Manchester United is a nightmare that doesn’t seem to end. After being one of the standout goalkeepers in the last edition of the Champions League, the Cameroonian experienced a steady decline in the Premier League. His signing for the Red Devils in the summer for 50 million euros raised great expectations, but has so far been a huge disappointment for the team and its fans.

The “Theater of Dreams” has become a place of nightmares for Onana, who concedes goals day after day, showing his lack of self-confidence and security between the posts. United have trusted him to protect their goal, but far from providing firmness, he has increased doubts about the defense led by Erik ten Hag.

One of the most worrying aspects is the team’s defensive performance, especially in the air game. Unai Emery’s game against Aston Villa was a clear example of this, as the ‘bad guys’ exploited flaws in the Red Devils’ standard system. The helplessness of the fans was evident when a free kick from McGinn sailed across the penalty area without Onana or his defenders being able to prevent the goal.

Boos from the stands

However, what frustrated fans the most was Onana’s performance in key situations. The goalkeeper was distracted by Leon Bailey following an innovative tactic from Emery, and instead of effectively intervening, he simply moved his hands and legs without touching the ball. It didn’t take long for the whistles and boos from the stands to arrive.

Onana’s situation is untenable and his continuity in the team is questionable. Should Erik ten Hag be sacked, as rumored, the Cameroonian goalkeeper could be left without his key replacement at the club. Manchester United desperately need a solution to their goalkeeping problem if they are to turn their season around and regain the trust of their fans.

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