Executives of the collective management system paid a courtesy visit to the Director of Customs, Eduardo Sanz Lovatón, where they shared impressions on copyright and related rights in the Dominican Republic.

At that meeting they handed over to the official official a copy of the private copy project.

The musicians Pochy Familia, Ramón Orlando Valoy, Chucky Acosta, Silvio Mora, Valerio de León and the lawyer Joselito Bautista shared the importance of this project with Sanz Lovatón.

Private copying is a limitation to the exclusive right that the author has to prohibit or authorize the copying of his works and other content protected by copyright, in exchange for compensation that is recognized in Dominican law and that singers, musicians , authors, writers, actors, screenwriters and producers from many countries are receiving such compensation for private copying, so the Dominicans demand that it be implemented in the Dominican Republic.

Private copying is the safeguarding of the rights to culture and information against the special property right that copyright constitutes.



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