Man wins 314 million euros in the lottery, but can choose his fortune

John Cheeks, an American, couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw his winning numbers on a lottery website. The jackpot was $340 million, which is about 315 million euros.

However, the lottery says there was an error and is now refusing to pay out the funds. The man has now hired a lawyer and refuses to accept the lottery’s settlement.

Lottery makes strange mistakes

The exact numbers the man chose for his ticket appeared on the website of the Powerball lottery, one of the most popular lotteries in America, NBC Washington reports.

However, the lottery itself speaks of a mistake. For example, the organization was supposedly busy with a test that day and that is the reason why the wrong winning numbers came online.

When he visited the lottery office, Cheeks was even rudely shown to the door and told to throw his winning ticket in the trash.

“This ticket is no good, throw it in the trash. You don’t get paid. “There’s a garbage can there,” an employee said to the man at the time.

The victim goes into battle

You might think this is a crazy story. The unfortunate cheeks also think so. Even though the organization says there was a mistake, Cheeks doesn’t want to know about it.

According to the lawyer who hired Cheeks, the lottery organization won’t get away with this easily. In the past, winning players were allowed to keep their prize money even if the organization made a mistake. Why should the jackpot be any different?

It is unclear when the trial will begin. The big question is whether there really is an error or whether the lottery is trying to avoid paying out the jackpot. It seems that the lottery itself has to prove that the actual winning numbers differ from Cheeks’ numbers.

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