Man whose murder conviction was overturned will return to prison

A Florida (USA) man who had the annulment of a conviction he received for a homicide over which he insists he is innocent revoked, will turn himself in to local authorities on Monday, after having exhausted his legal remedies, they reported. This Sunday local media.

Crosley Green, convicted of the 1989 murder of 22-year-old Charles Flynn, will turn himself in to the Florida Department of Corrections on Monday after a federal court in the Middle District of this state ordered his re-entry to prison to continue his sentence. life imprisonment.

That court’s decision comes after a federal appeals court reversed a 2018 decision by a federal court in Orlando that ordered a new trial or Green released.

The Orlando court concluded that for this case that occurred in Titusville, in the center of the state, Green had been wrongfully convicted and that his constitutional rights had been violated, as reported by his legal team, the Crowell & Moring law firm.

The magistrate found that Brevard County prosecutors withheld information related to the suspicions of police officers who had concluded that it was the victim’s ex-girlfriend who committed the crime.

Green, who was imprisoned for 32 years, 19 of them in the "death row"he left prison in April 2021 and was placed under house arrest while the appeal process was ongoing.

During these two years, Green "has held a full-time job, has become part of a church community, and has spent time with family, including meeting his grandchildren for the first time"said his legal team, according to the local channel News 6 in Orlando.

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The federal court noted in its decision that the evidence in question was not material to this case.

"They refused to look at it, they refused to investigate that possibility."said Jeane Thomas, an attorney with Green’s legal team, which in 2009 managed to have the death penalty recommended by an all-white jury changed to life in prison.

Green’s lawyers then sent an appeal to the US Supreme Court, which earlier this year rejected the appeal and dismissed the case.

The defense describes this process as an example of the racial prejudice that exists within the American justice system.

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