Man Who Opposes Vaccine Dies Shortly After Rejoicing Over Covid-19

Leslie Lawrenson, a 58-year-old British woman who refused to be vaccinated against Covid-19, died on July 2 of the disease in Bournemouth (United Kingdom). The man and his 56-year-old partner had developed a symptomatic form, reports the BBC. Leslie Lawrenson was beginning to recover from pneumonia caused by the virus when her condition worsened again.

Amanda Mitchell, who suffered from both diabetes and high blood pressure, was treated on July 2 by emergency services at the home she shared with her companion. They took her to the hospital. Ten minutes later, rescuers were called to the same address: The 19-year-old son found the 50-year-old man dead in his bed.

The victim was a Cambridge University graduate. When the first symptoms appeared, the Briton posted a video on Facebook in which he said he hoped he had caught Covid-19 to produce antibodies, develop “natural immunity” and thus avoid being vaccinated. “He had studied a lot, so when he said something to me, I had a tendency to believe it,” testified his partner.

Leslie Lawrenson claimed, for example, that the vaccine would kill more people than Covid-19 itself. “Every day he would tell us, ‘You don’t need it, it’s going to be fine, just be careful,’” Amanda Mitchell said. He also clarified that his partner described the vaccine as a “genetic trick, experimental trick” and did a lot of research on social networks.

Today, Amanda Mitchell says she feels “incredibly stupid” and mourns the “avoidable” death of her partner. After being hospitalized for a week, she now intends to get vaccinated as soon as she receives the green light from the doctors. He also regretted the “terrible mistake” of the couple, which also endangered their children, and in particular their son under 11 years old.

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