The death toll has grown sadly in Waukesha. A child injured Sunday by a driver who drove into a crowd of a Christmas parade in Wisconsin has died, bringing the death toll to six dead and at least 62 injured, authorities said Tuesday at the appearance of the ‘accused.

Darrell Brooks Jr, 39, is being prosecuted for five intentional homicides – equivalent to one murder in Wisconsin. A sixth charge will be added, said Deputy Prosecutor Susan Opper.

Darrell Brooks is accused of intentionally throwing his SUV vehicle into a crowd participating in or attending the annual parade in Waukesha, a small town near Milwaukee. He appeared before a city court judge, who officially set out the five charges against him, each of which carries a life sentence. The accused kept his head down for most of the hearing, appearing to sob at times.

$ 5 million deposit

“There are no words to describe the risks that this accused poses to the community, not only the risk of flight but the dangerousness of his past of violence”, explained the prosecutor, asking for a deposit of 5 million of dollars.

His motivations are unknown but the authorities had ruled out a terrorist motive on Monday.

Darrell Brooks Jr has a heavy judicial past. He has been involved in a dozen cases since 2000 in three US states, according to the prosecution. In 2020, he was notably indicted for endangering others after shooting his nephew during an altercation.

A few days before the tragedy, he had been released on bail after being prosecuted for domestic violence by paying 1,000 dollars, an unusually low deposit which will be the subject of an investigation. According to police, during the tragedy, he was fleeing the scene of a marital dispute and forced several security gates.


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