Man Of Steel: Dwayne Johnson doesn’t understand Warner’s decision

We don’t know yet if Dwayne Johnson was only flattering his ego when he insisted that the Superman ofHenry Cavill make an appearance in black adam last fall, setting the stage for their characters to face off in an upcoming DCEU installment. Either way, this big-screen clash of the titans wasn’t supposed to happen. Henry Cavill is officially no longer the Man of Steel and the future of Dwayne Johnson in the role of Black Adam is uncertain to say the least. But the latter does not regret having tried to oppose these two heavyweights of DC.

Dwayne Johnson backtracked on his attempt to bring back Henry Cavill in the bosom of DC during an interview with variety on the occasion of the Oscars ceremony held this week. He even acknowledged the mixed reviews of Black Adam, pointing out that amateur moviegoers had more favorable reviews of the film than professional critics.

Black Adam - Warner Bros. Discovery

Black Adam – Warner Bros. Discovery

“All I can do, and all we could do when we made Black Adam, was give our best, surround ourselves with the best people, and deliver the best movie we can. Our score with the public was around 90%. The critics suffered a lot more, but it’s the profession that wants that.

Speaking of the studio, Dwayne Johnson also alluded to the recent takeover of james gunn And Peter Safran as DC’s new co-CEOs. The latter obviously contacted Dwayne Johnson shortly after their hiring last fall to inform him Black Adam would not enter into their plans. Dwayne Johnson also spoke about this:

It’s kind of like when you have a professional football team, your quarterback wins championships, your head coach wins championships, and a new owner comes along and says, “Not my coach, not my quarterback. I will choose someone else”

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