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Man fined 200 pounds for hunting Pokémon during lockdown

An Englishman was fined 200 pounds, or about 270 dollars, for breaking the containment rules currently imposed in Britain. He really wanted to play Pokémon Go.

This is the unusual story of the beginning of the week and is brought to us by the website Kotaku: a British was fined for breaking containment, currently in force in the country. He was caught with his hand in the bag playing Pokémon Go.

While in the car, the man was stopped by the police, who asked him the reason for the trip. He had to confess that he had gone out to hunt the Pokémon. The agents then put him fine of 200 pounds sterling, or 270 dollars. From his home in Bedworth, in the center of the country, he wanted to travel to Kenilworth to hunt, 22 kilometers away. This story is a laughing matter, but it did not amuse the British police at all. The country is in fact facing an uncontrollable epidemic wave, forcing the government to impose a new containment.

“Everyone has a role to play in ensuring that the spread of the virus slows down. We would like to remind people that they should not leave the house unless they have a reasonable excuse”, said a police spokesman.

As a reminder, Pokémon Go is a mobile game released in 2016 whose goal is to hunt Pokémon moving in real life. We could imagine that both the coronavirus and the travel restrictions imposed around the world would take the skin off the phenomenon, but it did not. He knew how to renew himself, developing the game from a distance and counting short trips. An adaptation that worked, since he made a billion dollars in 2020, or as much as the previous year.

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