Man buys 300 Apple iPhones, gets stolen as he leaves the store

The case took place in the United States of America, more specifically in New York, on the famous 5th avenue in Manhattan. 300 were at stake Apple iPhone just bought in one of the most iconic stores in the world, the apple store glass cube

Shortly after leaving the premises, the man was assaulted with particular violence, leaving 125 of the 300 telephones he had just bought without him, which caused him an immediate economic loss of around 100,000 euros.

Around half of Apple iPhones were stolen outside the Apple Store

Apple Store Manhattan Fifth Avenue
The iconic Apple Store located in Manhattan on Fifth Avenue.

Big cities always bring additional dangers. By the way, it is not exactly new that, with the arrival of darkness, we must always be extra careful with what we show and carry on our person, under penalty of attracting unwanted attention.

Especially if what we have with us are 300 Apple iPhones, still in the box and fresh from the Apple Store. Faced with such temptation, evident by the size of the bags in which he carried the products, the unfortunate outcome is not surprising.

It was in the “big apple”, shortly after leaving the Apple Store located in Manhattan, on Fifth Avenue, that a male individual was violently attacked during a robbery. In a few seconds, the victim would lose around 100 thousand euros in iOS smartphones that he had just bought.

The victim reportedly left the Apple Store around 2 a.m. with 300 phones.

The victim got into a fight, causing a struggle in which he was punched in the nose. The bag contained 125 iPhones worth $95,000.

— Pradt (@pradt) November 30, 2022

The case was first reported by the publication audacity, and the New York Police took charge of the fact the next morning. The complaint was filed by a 27-year-old man who, shortly after leaving the Apple Store, was robbed and physically assaulted.

Apparently, the victim would have bought the different Apple iPhone units, around 300 phones, with the intention of reselling them in his store. It should be noted that this Apple Store is open 24 hours a day, with one of the workers registering the sale of 300 Apple iPhone 13 units in three different exchanges.

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As soon as the victim left the Apple Store to put the purchases in the car, another vehicle pulled up and immediately demanded the victim hand over the bags. An attempted resistance followed, with the perpetrators quickly and violently attacking the victim.

The incident ended with the loss of 125 Apple iPhone 13 units that the Apple Store worker had placed in a bag shortly before. The loss was valued at US$95,000, about €95,000 at current exchange rates.

Fortunately, the victim did not receive serious medical attention. Finally, according to the victim’s own testimony, the choice of time was deliberate, since at that time fewer people were around. The local police are already working on the case.

Finally, on an unrelated note, the Apple Store has been the subject of an increase in theft in various parts of the US.

Society is so broken in California that employees are basically trained to help help steal tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise right in front of them (note them holding customers back) while everyone else just stands by and watches. How did we get here?

—KALEO (@CryptoKaleo) November 30, 2022

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