Man arrested after crashing into Downing Street gates

A vehicle crashed into the gates closing access to Downing Street, the street on which the Prime Minister’s offices in London are located, on Thursday, police said, adding that a man had been arrested. “At around 4.20 p.m., a car crashed into the Downing Street gates on Whitehall”, the avenue on which Downing Street opens. “Armed officers arrested a man at the scene on suspicion of criminal damage and dangerous driving,” police said in a statement.

Ongoing investigation

“No injuries were reported. Investigations are ongoing to determine what happened,” added London police. The television images show a white car, trunk and doors open, against the railings. A safety cordon has been installed on site. These gates, which close off access to the famous street, were installed in 1989 for security reasons. Previously, the public could approach on foot the famous black door marking the entrance to the official residence of the Prime Minister and in front of which many of them spoke.

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