Man accused of assassination of Haitian president pleads guilty in Miami

Haitian-Chilean Rodolphe Jaar, one of those accused of participating in the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse in July 2021, pleaded guilty to the charges against him this Friday in Miami, according to court documents.

Jaar, 50, acknowledged having toasted "material support and resources" knowing that they would be used to kidnap and kill the Haitian presidentaccording to his guilty plea.

This businessman is the first to plead guilty among the 11 defendants in the United States for planning the death of Moïse from South Florida.

The Haitian president was shot dead by a commando of Colombian mercenaries in his private residence in Port-au-Prince without the intervention of his bodyguards. He was 53 years old.

According to the accusation, Jaar housed the Colombians and provided them with weapons.

By pleading guilty, this former informant for the US drug agency agrees to collaborate with the investigation, hoping to see reduced a sentence that could be life imprisonment.

Moïse’s murder was due to the desire for money and power of several of those accused in the United States, prosecutor Markenzy Lapointe declared on February 15 at a press conference in Miami.

That day, Lapointe announced the arrest of four suspects in the death of the Haitian president, including Venezuelan Antonio Intriago and Colombian Arcángel Pretel Ortiz.

The US investigation revealed that Intriago and Ortiz, managers of the CTU security firm in Miami, they devised a plan to kidnap Moïse and replace him with Christian Sanon, a Haitian-American citizen who wanted to preside over the Caribbean country.

They did so in exchange for signing lucrative contracts to build infrastructure and provide security forces and military equipment to a future government led by Sanon, also indicted in the United States.

After failing to kidnap Moïse, the instigators of the plot allegedly decided to assassinate him with a command of 20 Colombians hired by CTU.

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