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Mamata orders party workers to position themselves in front of Amartya Sen’s house

Mamata orders party workers to position themselves in front of Amartya Sen's house

India’s West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has called for protests against the eviction notice issued to Nobel laureate economist Amartya Sen from his Santiniketan home. He ordered party workers to hold a continuous sit-in program in front of Amartya Sen’s residence ‘Pratichi’ on May 6 and 7.

Mamata Banerjee is going to attend an event in Malda on Thursday. Due to bad weather, Mamata went to Malda by train instead of helicopter. On Wednesday evening, Mamata stood in front of the door of the train and interacted with the party leaders. And there he gave the responsibility of the location program to Trinamool President Bikas Roy Chowdhury and Minister Chandranath Sinha.

Earlier in the Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee directed the legislators to sit peacefully in front of Amartya Sen’s house if Visva Bharati is going to evacuate the house.

Referring to the eviction of Amartya Sen, Mamata said, ‘We are not Uttar Pradesh, there is no jungle king here. Amartya Sen is being attacked everyday. If his house is bulldozed, I will sit in front.’

Meanwhile, Kolkata’s Trinamool intellectuals have also announced a protest on Wednesday to protest the eviction notice to Armatya Sen. It is known that Kabir Suman, director Gautam Ghosh, Yogen Chowdhury, Shubhaprasanna will participate in the day-long protest in front of ‘Pratichi’ in Santiniketan on May 6 and 7. For this, the work of making the stage has started in front of that house since Wednesday night.

On his way to Malda, the Chief Minister had a brief discussion with the Birbhum district administration. Mamata gave strict instructions to the district administration so that Visva Bharati could not do anything by force. Mamata Banerjee directed that if there is an attempt to forcefully eviction by Visva Bharati, the administration will take the same steps as the administration. He said, ‘I am staying in Malda. Let me know if anything happens. You keep an eye on the matter.’

Earlier, Visva Bharati University authorities gave Amartya Sen an eviction notice with a final deadline of 15 days due to a land dispute. The Nobel laureate has been given a deadline of May 6 to hand over the land. The notice said that if the land is not handed over by May 6, it will be eviction.

Meanwhile, Amartya Sen is not sitting quietly. He has filed a case in the Birbhum District Judge’s Court seeking a stay on the order of Biswa Bharati. However, the case has not yet been heard. It is known that there is no Judge Court judge now.

A judge in charge said that the case will be heard when the judge returns on May 15.

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