Mamardashvili’s sale complicates Peter Lim’s plans

The Georgian goalkeeper remains in the Singaporean’s plans for an eventual exit for several million

Peter Lim is still waiting for Giorgi Mamardashvili to be sold, one of his next targets in Valencia CF’s next market. And the talented goalkeeper has long been one of EA Sports’ most prominent LaLiga players and is currently enjoying a pivotal moment in his career. This hasn’t gone away with several big clubs wanting to sign him.

Let’s remember this Mamardashvili was already on the Premier League agenda, but the interested parties did not reach the sales price that the Asian market leader had set. Therefore, this season saw a consolidation process for the Georgian, which is becoming increasingly important for Rubén Baraja. Now, despite the continuation of exit plans, the player has doubts about it.

The sale of Mamardashvili will take place in 2024
The outstanding goalkeeper is unsure about leaving Valencia CF despite Peter Lim’s intentions

Although Peter Lim thinks selling Mamardashvili is opportune, the goalkeeper doesn’t see it so clearly

In this way, it was established that it is crucial for the Singaporean businessman that a player leaves and leaves a good amount in the club’s treasury. This is due to the many problems that may arise at the economic level and that it is hoped to be resolved soon. For this reason, the designated number 1 was the Georgian international, whose replacement was already being planned.

In this order of ideas, although Stole Dimitrievski was on Valencia CF’s radar In the pipeline, doubts about Mamardashvili’s sale have brought everything to a standstill. And the outstanding goalkeeper is no longer so happy about wanting to leave at this moment. The proposals received are not solid, but rather gambling projects.

Those around the Georgian hope that a much more important offer will arrive than the offers from the Premier League.

So the big sale the Asian businessman had in mind will now have to wait. If he leaves, he will do this to a team that is internationally represented and can win titles in the short term. Unless, He would rather continue to be number 1 at Valencia CF, where he feels happy because of the love of the club and the fans.

Then we have to wait and see what will happen with this movement. For now, the circles surrounding the club’s largest shareholder, Che, have to suddenly stop their plans.. All this because of the doubts that the goalkeeper has about leaving the club. He is experiencing a very important moment in his career and does not want to go to a club that does not give him any guarantees.

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