Malware Joker was installed 500k times through this messaging app on the Google Play Store

THE Android operating system it has always lived with malicious actors trying to exploit its worldwide popularity. Now, in effect, we report a new instance of Joker Malware that reaches our smartphone through the Google play store.

More specifically, the infection is spread through the Color Message messaging application, which may have affected nearly half a million users. In fact, this application recently registered more than 500 thousand downloads through the Google Play Store.

Joker Malware Strikes Again Through Color Message App

Google Play Store app

The problem is a particular type of malicious software called Fleeceware, of increasing popularity. That being said, this attack vector will not steal your banking details or disrupt the normal operation of your Android tablet and / or smartphone.

Rather, it will remain discreet, but will do its best to subscribe to the maximum number of services. cousin or added value after having access to the SIM card. That way, without our knowledge, you can extort a lot of money.

In short, the Color Message application aimed, in addition to the infection of the smartphone with the Joker, sending personalized SMS for value-added services. It did so with some success, according to several affected users, some 500,000 times on all Android mobile devices on which it was installed.

The Joker malware-infected app remained until recently on the Google Play Store

Google Play Store Feedback
Complaints from multiple users listed in Color Message app on Play Store.

It should be noted that this news was advanced for the first time by the publication TechSpot, realizing the Joker’s new “costume”.

However, the discovery was made by the agency’s team of cybersecurity experts. Pradeo in 2020, with the threat taking on new contours and infection vectors since then.

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It should be noted, therefore, that the alert from this cybersecurity agency was given in August 2020. However, the Color Message application remained in the Google Play Store, available for free to any unsuspecting user, until a few hours ago.

Remove the Color Message app immediately if you have installed it

The Android Color Message application contains a family of #malware known as #Jester, which has infected millions of #Android devices in the past. # 0day #cutting

– Manikandan (@himanikandan) December 17, 2021

Also according to the agency Pradeo, the difficulty in detecting the malicious agent known as Joker in the application in question is due to the fact that these lines of code are cleverly dispersed, making it difficult for automatic filters to work.

Thus, the infected app remained available on the Play Store until a few hours ago, infecting at least half a million users who may see an increase in charges on their monthly bill.

This is Joker’s favorite mode of operation, subscribing to various paid services and thus extorting money from infected users.

Meanwhile, Google has already removed this app from its Play Store, advising all users who have installed it to remove it immediately.

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