Maluma earthquake shakes Gran Canaria, Spain

As if shaken by an earthquake, the Gran Canaria stadium trembled this Saturday at midnight with 30,000 people dancing to the rhythm of Maluma, who fell into the networks of ‘Don Juan’, the name of his new tour, to vibrate with the “good chimba” that the Colombian put together at the GranCa Live Fest.

With a figure several meters high, the artist was accompanied by his dog Buda on the Canary stage, where he called a “good noise” to land in a ‘flow’ earthquake with one of his new songs, ‘Coco Loco’, with which he warmed up the atmosphere.

Without stopping, song by song, success by success, Maluma barely caught his breath to appreciate the warmth of the canaries.

Being in Las Palmas feels like being at home”, celebrated the one from Medellín, who “shared his heart” with the islanders a reggaeton banquet that jumped through all the number 1s of his successful career.

After several hours, Maluma returned at ’11 PM’ to sing his immortal hit from 2019 with 30,000 throats. “Everybody’s hands in the air,” cried ‘Papi Juancho’, to break the stadium with ‘HP’, who installed the most viral rumba with a staging full of strength.

It was impossible to resist the temptation to dance with the winner of more than 95 awards and 290 international nominations.

‘Wetting seats’ rebounded in the echo of the Latino community that wrapped Maluma on the island and, from the latest, he traveled to his iconic songs, among which there was no lack of ‘Qué más pues’, ‘Porfa’, ‘Djadja’ , ‘Felices los cuatro’ and the “animal party” of ‘Carnaval’.

The Latin Grammy 2018 raised “La temperatura” with the rhythm that placed him at the top of the musical scene and kicked off an artist who has almost 200 songs.

She toasted with her babies, “those I love with all my heart,” as she confessed, and with whom she sang “until Medellín” in a round-trip passion.

With ‘Don Juan’, Juan Luis Londoño has returned to music after several months of absence and in style, in top form and after presenting the songs that have made the stands of the Gran Canaria Stadium bounce, ‘La Reina’ and ‘Diablo, qué chimba’, a song full of flow that has made the hit magnet’s sixth album take off.

Midnight was given to ‘Papi Juancho’, and the fact is that the night was already prepared to dance without rest after linking stars such as St. Pedro, the Canarian Arístides Moreno, Kany García, the energy of Tini, and the full lyrics of romanticism by Morat and Manuel Carrasco.


Of all ages, all tastes, the GranCa Live Fest has filled the Gran Canaria stadium with young and not-so-young people to “ruffle, jump and dance”, as Manuel Carrasco requested when he arrived on stage.

With a concert that included some of his most popular hits, the Andalusian let himself be loved by the islanders, in an hour of music “from south to south” and to “celebrate life”, as he asked an audience that responded more than enough and made him feel “at home”.

The man from Huelva not only toured his musical successes, guitar in hand Manuel Carrasco dedicated a song to the island, with surprise couplets that went through every corner and symbol of Gran Canaria, to finish melting the public by remembering the rise of UD Las Palmas, Virgen del Pino, Vegueta, La Isleta, Teror, Triana and even Arehucas rum.

The former contestant of Operación Triunfo served as an accelerator for the Colombian, who was preceded by his countrymen from Morat, who He warmed up the atmosphere for a vibrant closing with ‘How dare you return’ sung to 30,000 voices.

The finale of two days of concerts and more than 20 consecutive hours of music has been put by Lola índigo, which marked the end of a festival that has met all the expectations of the public and that will receive Maná and Nodal in 2024, as announced this Saturday the organization of the event.

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