The first quarter started with a hyperactive Tarczewski on defense and attack. He won the initial jump and, until he was seated by Messina, he gave a recital of intensity. Baldwin, questioned about not traveling to Greece and Manresa before his possible paternity (his wife gave birth on Tuesday and could have participated in both games according to some thinking minds) played the entire first quarter and played a good role. Baskonia did not control the rebound but starred in quite a few robberies. He signed a bad percentage of triples (1/6, min. 6) but he did not lose face to the game at any time. The Lombards went 4 with 15-19 but, in the first minute of the second installment, Ivanovic’s men won by 20-19 thanks to a triple by Giedraitis. Match very even with the facet of the losses quite controlled.

In the second act, Milan opened a gap. The Italians played a better team game with Chacho than with any other player who played the base job. Baskonia continued with a bad percentage of triples and life began to get complicated. One of three from Delaney, a dunk from Mitoglou, another triple from Hall and … in the 18th minute, 26-36. Was when Ivanovic decided to play simultaneously with Granger of one and Baldwin of two. It gave him some results as the American began to score fluently, more on one-on-one than on jump shots. One of the workhorses of the Basque team this year, which are the losses, began to hurt their statistics and their game. They went to rest with seven, five of them committed in the second installment.

The differences grew in the third quarter (33-47, min. 24) with a high-level Hall. Costello, one of the most prominent players at the start of the season, was charged with the third foul and the last one was much protested by the local bench. The people from Vitoria had only 35 points in the absence of 3 for the conclusion of the third act. Bad in defense, with many losses, conceding offensive rebound and, above all, with a very poor percentage of triples. At the end of that quarter, a 2/20 or, what is the same, a 10%. Ivanovic put Kurucs on the court to toughen defense but not for those. An unsportsmanlike Grant on Granger could be the start of the reaction although this one, in reality, did not arrive because the Italians arrived fresher at the end of the crash due to their deep bench.

A bomb from Rokas Giedraitis caused Baskonia to drop out of ten at 51-60 for a long time, but the Italians did not lose face to the scoreboard and, in the blink of an eye, they returned to 15 up. Delaney and Baldwin got into a little brawl and the stands lit up for the ex-Barcelona player’s unsportsmanlike behavior. But not even for those, with such a shooting percentage of three In a professional team of this level, it is impossible to compete. The people from Alava were motivated and involved but very unsuccessful against one of the best-configured teams in Europe. In addition, the rebound was lost and 13 losses were committed. With 57-73 in minute 37, everything was already decided. Actually, I was quite before.


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