Malagasy president suspects France of coup

But who wanted to overthrow and kill the Malagasy head of state? More than two weeks after the police arrest of the alleged perpetrators of a planned coup in Madagascar, the president appears to have his idea. In fact, Andry Rajoelina has publicly questioned on Sunday night about the possibility of France’s involvement in this matter.

“If they want to kill me, it is because of my commitment to protect our nation,” he said in an intervention on public television channels. “Among the masterminds of the assassination is a French colonel who commanded regiments in Chad, Kosovo and Afghanistan,” said the Malagasy president.

“But for justice to work, I have no personal problem in my relations with France,” added Andry Rajoelina. “We have to wait for the results of the investigation to reveal whether it is an isolated act or not. It is the investigation that will provide an answer to all this, “he continued.

The Malagasy head of state, elected in 2018, strongly condemned this alleged coup, stressing that “the difference of opinion does not justify an assassination.” Andry Rejoalina also questioned the status of “adviser to the Archbishop of Antananarivo” of the alleged mastermind of this matter. “In the CV and business cards of the mastermind behind this assassination project, it is written that he is an advisor to the Archbishop of Antananarivo. But all I can say is that I received a letter from the Vatican as a show of solidarity after this assassination project, ”said the Malagasy president.

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