Málaga launches its most anticipated season ticket campaign

Málaga launches its most anticipated season ticket campaign, which has been delayed due to the peculiar circumstances of these times of pandemic. Under the generic title of ‘The Genie appeared!’ the entity has been marked as a challenge to reach 20,000 subscribers.

Because Health has authorized the stadiums to be occupied up to 60% La Rosaleda will be able to have next Sunday (9:30 p.m.) with 15,000 locations for the public, with the already known measures, that is, mandatory use of a mask and safety distance, although there is a plan so that families and relatives are not dispersed.

This is the club’s statement

Málaga CF launches its season ticket campaign due to the expansion of the available capacity at La Rosaledto. El Genio Malaguista will be available from September 13th. It is one of the most anticipated news of this last year and a half. Blue and white fans will be able to once again opt for a season ticket, the Malaguista Genius has finally appeared.

An atypical campaign in terms of time, a subscription had never been launched with the course started, and the amount, since there is still a limitation of available places. For this reason, the MCF wishes to specify the following aspects.

Departure date El Genio Malaguista will go on sale next September 13, Monday. Logistically it is impossible for the Club to offer it earlier due to the complex operations to be carried out.

Match against Girona FC – September 12. Access to the LaLiga SmartBank matchday 5 match will be with an entrance ticket. The Club will reimburse the amount of their personal ticket to all those Faithful who choose to subscribe.

Discount for Faithful Malaguistas at # MálagaGirona. In the duel against AD Alcorcón, the Faithful enjoyed a 25% discount on their purchase of tickets. For the match against Girona FC, the Club wants to reward its fans by raising this proportion to 50%. Each Faithful may withdraw a maximum of four tickets, but it should be noted that only the amount of their personal ticket will be refunded once it is paid.

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20% compensation to subscribers of the 19/20 campaign The Entity will apply a 20% discount to the Genio Malaguista to all the Faithful who opted for this compensation option at the end of the 19/20 season.

Six-match compensation. Málaga CF will deliver the six compensation matches to the 19/20 season ticket holders who opted for this option once there are no restrictions.

Subscriber location. The Faithful Malaguista who wishes can renew his seat of a lifetime. However, it is possible that due to the distribution of capacity it will not be able to occupy it until the current sanitary measures are extinguished. The Entity will try to find a location as close as possible to its usual location.

The amount of the Faithful Malaguista will be taken into account. The Malaguistas who wish to subscribe must be, by essential condition, Faithful Malaguistas. As has been communicated in the official channels of the MCF, its amount, € 29, will be allocated in the final amount of the Genio Malaguista so that the price is very similar to that of past seasons.

Málaga CF has set a goal of 20,000 subscribers for this 21/22 campaign, but due to the current sanitary measures imposed, the number of Genios Malaguistas that it will put on sale will be around 15,000. We hope we can overcome that barrier very soon!

This is the explanation offered by the club. They do not contemplate the possibility of distributing the tickets by lottery.

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