Málaga Judicial Administrator Dispute Escalates: What’s Next?

Despite their recent promotion, the institutional situation of Málaga Football Club remains unstable. The formation of a new movement against the team’s management, “For a New Málaga”, has submitted a document titled “BlueBay” to the Court of Instruction No. 14 in Málaga. The document outlines days of intense meetings surrounding a possible capital increase for the club. This idea has been squarely rejected by José María Muñoz.

Accusations of Disloyal Administration

José María Muñoz is now accused of disloyal administration on two specific grounds. Firstly, he is accused of failing to prevent the continuous appeals filed in the ‘BlueBay case’ from Nasir Bin Abdullah & Sons SL and NAS FOOTBALL SL, while being the Judicial Administrator. Secondly, he is alleged to have protected the defendants, rather than the shareholders, with his decisions.

The document contends that Muñoz allowed these appeals to be filed, despite being fully aware of the situation. It describes the actions as a clear show of disloyalty, stating “there is no greater disloyalty in the way the Judicial Administrator acts” on behalf of NAS SPAIN 2000 SL.

Alleged Irregularities

The allegations stem from Muñoz’ actions as the Judicial Administrator for Nas Spain 2000 SL. Initially, his appointment was intended to protect the company’s assets, but he has since come under fire for appealing a ruling that had gone in favor of the company, thus putting its assets at risk. According to the document, Muñoz submitted a statement claiming “NAS SPAIN 2000 SL is not the legitimate owner of the aforementioned shares of Málaga Club de Fútbol SAD, but they belong to NAS FOOTBALL SL”. This revelation echoes the findings of the Provincial Court of Malaga, which described it as part of a fraudulent scheme orchestrated by Ahmed bin Thani.

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The club’s management has been criticized by Antonio Aguilera, president of the APA. Aguilera acknowledged Muñoz’ initial success as a Judicial Administrator, stating the team was saved and its financial health was restored. However, he believes things began to go awry from around the second year of Muñoz’ tenure, saying “a timely retreat is better than being thrown out with a beating”.

Despite the controversy surrounding Muñoz’ actions, the club’s need for financial injection remains pressing, making a capital increase the sole viable option to secure a significant influx of funding, allowing Málaga Football Club to explore options beyond the second division.

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