Major Cardano update is not long in coming

It’s going on behind the scenes Cardano (ADA) network is still working hard on the future. One of the companies working on Cardano, Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), recently submitted a official message announced that a new major update is almost ready to be rolled out. This time it’s about the Mithril update, which brings a number of important improvements.

Cardano Mithril upgrade

At the moment, the Mithril update is in its final testing phase and preparations are already being made to launch Mithril on Cardano’s mainnet. So we won’t have to wait long for this update. But what exactly are the changes it will bring?

Mithril was already announced in August of last year, and the update mainly has to do with so-called nodes. These nodes are, as it were, the backbone of the entire blockchain. They maintain a history of all transactions made and also own a copy of the Cardano blockchain. At the moment there are two ways you can node operator can become.

cardano nodes

You can one full node to run, but for this you need a full copy of the Cardano blockchain download and validate, which has a file size of about 100GB. Another way is to have one lightweight version using third-party APIs.

Mithril hopes to combine the benefits of both methods. Without going into the extremely technical details, that will mean that running a node on Cardano should become a lot more accessible and efficient.

Of course, that means improving network decentralization. After all, the threshold to become active in the Cardano network is being lowered. According to IOHK, this greatly benefits the network’s ‘decentralized decision-making’. In addition, the network will also become significantly more secure. More nodes basically means a more secure network.

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The exact launch date has yet to be announced.

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