You already know how this football shed works. The immediacy, the “I already told you”, the “how he advanced exclusively” … the thing is to score the goal. But this time The beach bar has gone too far, as they claim to have the discoverer of Gavi in their ranks. A footballer who was not talked about in the program.

It’s quite shocking the way The beach bar this new achievement has been pulled from the sleeve. It turns out that in a talk, back in July, Jorge D´Alessandro He said that a special footballer had appeared in the first team of FC Barcelona and that his name was Gavi. So far everything normal.

What the logic of journalism indicates is that last Thursday, September 30, when it was learned that Gavi would be summoned with Luis Enrique, El Chiringuito would have taken the opportunity to take that video of Jorge D’Alessandro. But no. At that moment, what had to be done was to criminalize Luis Enrique. And almost sportingly kill the kid.

After several days with programs in which the coach was harshly criticized and in which Gavi was not talked about, after the game everything changed. The exhibition in Spain, with Gavi as the headline, was cause for celebration at El Chiringuito. And with the usual characteristic advantage of the program, a day after the game, they have decided to breastfeed.

A video that was recorded on July 27, in a talk by D´Alessandro with the followers of El Chiringuito on Facebook. “Iniesta’s clone, watch out,” said the charismatic Argentine coach. However, after the selection call from El Chiringuito there were only criticisms.

Once Luis Enrique’s test had gone great, with the resounding victory of Spain and the great performance of Gavi in ​​his debut, it was time to change the discourse. Now for Pedrerol, Gavi is a jewel, a diamond in the rough. And it was time to boast in El Chiringuito of having, neither more nor less, than the great discoverer of Gavi. An embarrassment.


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