Mahiya Mahi greeted her husband by touching his feet

Eid is celebrated all over the Muslim world. Eid is also being celebrated in Bangladesh. On the first day of Eid on Saturday, the showbiz stars of the country shared their pictures of their Eid celebrations through social media. Stars shared Eid clothes, Eid feelings, Eid joys with fans.

However, actress Mahia Mahi told the story of her Eid celebration in a different way. On this day actress Mahia Mahi greeted her husband by touching his feet. This actress of Dhakai movie has published a picture of her husband touching Rakib’s feet and saluting her on Facebook. He wrote in the caption, Alhamdulillah, our Eid.

At this time, Mahi also posted a few pictures of her baby. This actress recently became a mother. In late March, she gave birth to a son in a private hospital in the capital.

It is clear that the pictures shared by Mahi are mainly pictures of the Eid day. Mahi posted the last pictures of Eid celebration. After that, Mahi posted another picture of Eid. Posted another photo this Sunday morning. In this film, Mahi wrote, You will remember me from time to time, I will be your love. i will be your lover

However, in the picture released on the day of Eid, Mahi is seen bending down and touching Rakib Sarkar’s feet. Mahi is not in news about the movie now. However, even if she does not act in movies, this actress sometimes makes headlines.

Actress Mahia Mahi got married to Gazipur businessman Rakir Sarkar in September 2021.

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