Mahi praises ‘Priyatma’ when she comes to see the ‘tunnel’

Actress Mahia Mahi is currently busy with politics and her newborn baby. He is returning to the cinema yard again. A special exhibition of ‘Suranga’ movie was organized yesterday Saturday. Media workers and certain individuals are invited here.

Actress Mahi appeared here.

In this event, Shakib Khan’s beloved Sinam’s bandana was sung by popular actress Dhakai. What a wonderful presentation in the movie ‘Priyatma’! That is surprising. We see Hollywood or Bollywood movie heroes – they nail a single look every now and then.

Shakib Bhai did the same. Apart from this, the songs of this movie are also very beautiful. I can’t count the number of times I have seen the song titled ‘Ishwar’. We need movies like this to save our movie industry.

The actress of ‘Agni’ fame said, “Due to politics and being a mother, I stayed away from cinema for a long time. Appearing again in movie related programs. After a long time, when I came to watch the movie ‘Suranga’ I felt like it was part of my family. Since now again I am getting involved with movie related programs. Some stories are in hand.

Let’s see which one to start working with. I will be back to work soon.”

Mahi also said that life changed after the birth of a child there. He said, ‘Everything changed after the baby came. It can be said that the way I used to live life has changed by 50 percent. But I like it very much. I used to enjoy the previous life as before, I enjoy the present life as now. Eid has started with my children since the Eid of fasting. My priorities have dropped a lot. Now everything is done for him.’

Incidentally, he also collected Awami League’s nomination to be elected as a Member of Parliament in the seat vacated by BNP in Chapainawabganj. But in the end, the party did not agree to it.

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