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Magnum, Ben & Jerry’s, Miko… the ads for these ice creams will change

Magnum, Ben & Jerry's, Miko… the ads for these ice creams will change

Advertising plays an important role in the way we consume on a daily basis. According to several studies and experts, children are more sensitive to commercials because they are less critical. They can have dissuasive and moratorium effects on these young consumers, such as those who demonstrate the dangers of drink-driving, for example. But they also tend to give them bad examples in terms of food. Advertisements for “junk food” are factors in childhood obesity. It is partly to combat this that the Dutch food giant Unilever has taken an important decision for “responsible marketing to children”.

As reported BFM TV, Monday April 25, the owner of ice cream brands such as Magnum, Carte d’Or, Ben & Jerry’s or Miko, will no longer target those under 16 in its communications from January 1, 2023. The group had already announced a such a measure for children under 13, but he wants to go further. “Unilever was one of the first to apply the principles of marketing to children. But as our industry and audiences evolve, we continue to challenge ourselves to raise the bar,” Unilever said in a statement. .

No longer collect and store their data

In other words, you will no longer see influencers, celebrities or other personalities under the age of 16 in the group’s advertisements, both on social networks and in the media. “We need to recognize the power of social media and influencer marketing on children’s choices – and address it,” said Matt Close, President of Unilever Ice Cream. In addition, the group also undertakes to no longer collect and store the data of young consumers.

Beyond the food giants, some governments have also taken restrictive measures in terms of advertising aimed at children and adolescents. Recently, BFMTV reports, Spain banned advertising spots for sugary foods and drinks that target those under 16 on television, radio, the Internet and on mobile applications. In France, a 2018 law prohibits advertisements in all children’s programs on public service channels.


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