Maffeo, the shadow of Messi that now torments Vinicius

Pablo Maffeo (Sant Joan Despí, 07-12-1997) once again monopolizes the media spotlight, this time for his marking Vinicius Júnior. But all this ‘attention’ he receives now is something he should be used to by now because since he was a child he dealt with television cameras. Trained in the lower categories of Espanyol, with whom he made his debut with the subsidiary at the age of 15 in Second B, he made the leap to Manchester City in 2013. His first years in England were not easy because he traveled alone, although, together with José Pozo, He was chosen in 2015 to star in an advertisement for Cola Cao. He had a good eye because he dreamed of reaching the elite. Future unlocked since in 2017 he was nominated for the Golden Boy and now he is one of the best right-handed sides in Primera.

Maffeo has never rejected melee, as two of his referents: Carles Puyol and Pablo Zabaleta. And it is not because he is currently passionate about boxing and dedicates hours of training to practice this sport, but because In 2017, while he wore the Girona shirt, he was already in charge, in a duel against Barça, of embittering Leo Messi. Pablo Machín ordered him to chase the Argentine around the field with a man-marking in the old fashioned way. Messi did not hesitate to confess that “playing like this sucks” and that is that Maffeo fulfilled his mission perfectly. Sacrifice and work are not negotiated and therefore, Atlético de Madrid had him on their agenda in the summer. However, he chose continue in Mallorca and sign until 2026.

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Precisely in the vermilion club is where the continuity in the First Division, a category in which he has already played 111 gamesit deserves. The German Stuttgart came to pay ten million for him to City in 2018, but he did not finish adapting there. And after assignments, again, in Girona and Huesca, he adds two seasons shining in a Mallorca that has revalued him. Javier Aguirre has marked his effort with fire and is a faithful ‘soldier’. So much so that he plays with a broken vertebra. He exudes the ability to overcome and it is that some of the blows that life has given him have made him stronger. The help from psychologists has been key and, although his parents don’t like it, he leads his life tattooed with him. And also his passions and hobbies, such as Harry Potter. His last tattoo has to do with this fantastic saga because on his skin are Dobby, a house elf owned by the Malfoy family until Harry Potter freed him, the symbol of the deathly hallows and the word ‘always’, which is the motto of Snape, a Hogwarts professor.

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