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Maffeo neutralizes Lucas Boyé

Maffeo neutraliza a Lucas Boyé

Pablo Maffeo, in the last gasp of the match, managed to rescue a point for Mallorca, when Elche took the three points for granted. A double by Lucas Boyé seemed enough to win a game that Mallorca dominated in many phases. Salva Sevilla, from a penalty, scored the other vermilion goal.

Luis García Plaza, who lived in the stands serving a sanction, and Escribá played an intense match. Both teams came out to pressure the rival in the opposite field and it showed. Edgar Badía and Reina had work in the first bars and they solved it with a note. Badía was in charge of stopping a dangerous shot from Ángel, who had stood alone before him. For her part, Reina saved in extremis Elche’s Olympic goal attempt from a corner kick. The game promised, the intensity of both caused more than an imprecision in the center of the field that unleashed the nerves in the rear, which solved all the situations.

With the passing of the minutes, Babá was in charge of giving Mallorca pause and getting possession of the ball, seconded by Salva Sevilla. Kang in Lee, who had started the game very well, faded away and left some glimpses of his quality. Control was Majorcan, but Elche did not miss the few times he managed to steal the ball. The Lucas (Boyé and Pérez) did not allow the relaxation of their team or the opposite. However, the attackers failed to create danger for the goalkeepers. In this dynamic, rest was reached.

After passing through the changing rooms, both teams came out eager. A theft by Lucas Boyé caused a counter, which was ruined by the lack of coordination with Lucas Pérez. The Mallorcan reply was put by Kang in Lee, from a direct free kick, after a good play by Maffeo. As the minutes passed, imprecision took hold of the two teams and only a distant shot from Babá that Badía repelled, activated the game. The rejection of the goalkeeper from Elche caused Dani Rodríguez to give a pass to Ángel who finished off the goal, but the ball touched the post. But the first team to hit was Elche. Lucas Boyé was in charge of stealing the ball from Russo, he entered the area and with a great hit he beat Reina to put the 0-1 on the scoreboard. Those of Escribá took advantage of the first they had in the second part. Mallorca recovered quickly, three minutes later Maffeo overtook Josema in the Elche area and the Elche defender scored a penalty. Salva Sevilla was in charge of transforming the maximum penalty into a draw.

It seemed that the match was returning to the starting point, however, Boyé is a lot of Boyé. Three minutes after the Mallorcan draw, the Argentine forward masterfully defines a good pass from Mojica. Elche de Escribá went ahead again with fifteen minutes remaining. From that moment on, the game went into I want and I can’t for Mallorca, while Elche tried to make time pass away from their goal. Until minute 95. A corner kick, when added time was already fulfilled, was taken advantage of by Maffeo who connected a perfect header to beat Edgar Badía and give a point to Mallorca.

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