The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, proposed this Thursday to designate "secret inspectors" for each hospital in the country to control and help health centers "be reborn" and "strengthen".

"I want to designate a secret inspector for each hospital in the country, who is an external inspector who joins the health committees, the community councils (…) and we are going to keep an eye out, to do control and support so that the hospitals be reborn, be strengthened, get ahead"expressed in a televised act.

Maduro indicated that we must also confront the "mafias" What is there in "Some" Health centers.

"I am not saying in all, I am not generalizing, but they exist (…) they ask patients to buy things outside and they go to the store, pick them up and sell them outside, they exist and we have verified it"he underlined.

The president added that there is already a "A group of people"without specifying how many, who worked in hospitals that are being prosecuted by the Venezuelan Prosecutor’s Office.

"We are going all the way, because we have to build a free, quality and universal public health system that is an example for the world"he pointed.

On April 28, the NGO Médicos Unidos de Venezuela (MUV) rejected the detention of health personnel or their exposure to "public ridicule" after affirmations of the Government of wanting "end the hospital mafias".

"In recent times, in social networks, a series of actions by State agencies have appeared, in cases that sometimes even do not concern, carrying out actions of deprivation of liberty of health personnel who work in the public health system. or exposing them to public ridicule without due process"said the NGO in a statement released on Twitter.

Médicos Unidos affirmed that public hospitals are controlled by doormen, militiamen -as the members of the "special component" of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) in charge of the preservation of Chavismo-, collectives and "rarely private security companies".

"It is clear that the only way that these hospital mafias can operate would be if the authorities of the establishment do not exercise their functions of guard and custody, warehouse control or being aware of the situation as accomplices"he added.


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