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Maduro only has strength left

Maduro only has strength left

If Nicolás Maduro shows his worst side in these hours; that of harassment, the face of threat and persecution. His latest victim is Rocío San Miguel, a human rights defender in Venezuela. Today found in the dungeons Chavismo is accused of “coordinating and disseminating communications material about the Brazalete Blanco coup attempt, whose ultimate aim was to kill President Nicolás Maduro,” according to Venezuela’s attorney general – and Maduro’s loyal defender – Tarek William Saab.

Maduro’s Achilles heel is voting. The “Chavez disciple” would not win a clear election against María Corina Machado. He knows it and all his followers know it. What’s left for you from then on? The strength, the fear, the threat. There is laughter and ridicule in front of the cameras and microphones. Internally, the game they play is perverted. A dark, quiet, but well thought out and implemented strategy.

Chavismo has transformed the Venezuelan government a gangster group, mafia. On the side of the opponents, it is difficult to move because they do not know on what day and at what hour the unjust justice of Chavismo will knock on the door.

And while María Corina is one of the few still taking to the streets and calling for mobilization, 80% of Venezuelans are waiting for political change through elections. Mission impossible? In politics you never know. The foundations must be laid for conditions attractive enough to “force” Maduro to compete fairly and accept electoral defeat. These conditions are difficult to imagine today.

The dark night of Chavismo is still expected to come This could be the start of a new departure in a Venezuela hijacked by a slothful kleptocracy.

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