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Madrid stop Zalgiris in the last quarter

Tristan Vukcevic, antes de machacar sobre Blazevic en la jugada de la noche.

Zalgiris have not won yet, “but they are close to doing so,” Laso said in the previous one. The coaches’ topical warning when a half-hopeless opponent arrives seemed more real than commonplace. It is not that Madrid had a bad time, but they had to apply themselves in defense in the last quarter with four short players and Poirier to tie the victory. He finished with 95 points, with which he equals his best mark of the course, the 95 that he had scored against Bilbao last Sunday. Up to seven players reached 10 or more goals, with Yabusele (15), Llull (13) and Poirier (12) outstanding. And final applause from Laso to Causeur for his marking to Lekavicius. It is still very high, a triumph behind the leader and matched only with Barça in second place.

This Friday, Madrid played something else for three-quarters of the duel, perhaps softened behind by the visit of the bottom row without victories, who also did not convey the sensation of reacting when in minute 3 the same guards as in the classification showed on the scoreboard : 0-8. We say that they went to something else because, at halftime, after shooting well of two (59%) and almost better than three (42%), catching 6 more rebounds, distributing 15 assists and losing only 5 balls for 51 points, that is to say , very good attack numbers, the game was open. 51-45.

And he was after the threat of a previous break, when Tristan Vukcevic came in with force through the center and overcame the presence of 2.11 Blazevic to hang from the ring and take the additional free kick. A 2 + 1 followed by two free throws by Poirier that put the +15: 47-32. At Madrid, and it is not necessary to give more clues, the defense was failing. A hole in the back that allowed for comfortable outside shots and short penetrations. There Lekavicius took a slice, fast, electric and experienced, although it does not reach the 1.80 that they officially say it measures. He chained 8 points to lift his own (47-40), who returned to make the rubber.

The aforementioned Blazevic, who was portrayed in the Tristan poster, also completed a very good performance with only 20 years in the absence of Josh Nebo, low at the last minute due to a sprain. The entry of the new ones, Tai Webster plus Zoran Dragic, in addition to Cavanaugh at four, gave a little more punch to the greens, who went from stumbling 11 goals in the first quarter to 34 in the second. Rudy and Llull signed a few geniuses, but this time it was the defense that made water.

Zalgiris was in rhythm and Real was not going to take him out imminently with his application behind. Four shots in a row by three put Jure Zdovc’s men within a shot of two at the crossroads with the 26th minute: 67-65. Tyler Cavanaugh, former Lenovo Tenerife, was the visitor’s man. The bottom aspired to his first victory at home in one of the seconds, he was going to play it in the last quarter.

Madrid then gave the defensive chest with four short ones. Causeur tied Lekavicius short and took the applause of Laso, while Llull (third triple in transition and 500 in the Euroleague, in the Top-5) acted as base and added accompanied by Rudy and Hanga, and Poirier, the only center. , inside. A close high-paced duel with good defense. There was no need to reach the wire.

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