Madrid rolls again

From the doubts about the game prior to the certainty of another final, Madrid always responds, they could not fail on February 19, on the tenth anniversary of the beginning of the Laso era, when in 2012 they lifted their first title at Sant Jordi in Barcelona and against Barça, the great liberation. And a bit of that, on a different scale, of course, was successful this Saturday against Lenovo Tenerife. More than for the victory itself (94-74) for his basketball, the roundest (and continuous) in defense and attack in recent weeks. His legs will still be damaged, but his mind may have cleared up a bit. He helps the recovery of the touched: Taylor, Rudy and Deck. The Swedish forward, by the way, was the cornerstone of the pass to the final, the whites’ ninth in a row in the Cup, number 31 in total in 42 championships. Tavares and Thompkins were also around, very important. CB Canarias, on the other hand, lost connections and was once again at the gates: it was the fourth semifinal in five years.

The party plan of one and the other seemed to revolve around Marcelinho Huertas, diminished by a viral process, and even more so if Fitipaldo was missing at his side or as a substitute. With Huertas deactivated, the Lenovo would have few options, although with the very diminished base it withstood the pull of the Joventut in quarters. Vidorreta gave him continuous breaks, he went in and out. Laso, on the other hand, tried to suffocate him. First with Taylor, back and with aim (three triples in the first five minutes) after missing so far this month. And then with Hanga and Causeur. The Frenchman felt something in his right hip and may miss the final.

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Many changes there depending on whether Marce was on the bench or not. At the break, the Brazilian had 6 losses and his defenders 5 of the 10 meringue triples. Shermadini also committed two quick personals and, on the way back from the locker room, the third in just 10 minutes on the court. And that was also part of the plan, hence the continuous balls into Tavares from the start. The magical aurinegra couple was disconnected and Sastre’s push and the punctual success of Todorovic and Salin did not prevent Real from opening the game in the channel. At a rate of 100 at the break (50-38) and 60-42 after Taylor’s fourth triple (minute 24).

Laso came out with Abalde as the starting point guard and repeated in the third act, to reserve Heurtel for the mollar, since he had left Williams-Goss out of the squad to keep Thompkins from outside the community along with Deck, added again. The Argentine forward is missing a lot of filming after landing from the NBA and getting injured. And Thompkins responded with a note to his coach’s risky bet. Not even Heurtel, who made numbers, was essential, because the hard work had been completed by others and this time a savior in extremis was not required. Inside, Tavares was at ease with others rebounding in his place and Poirier improved his sensations after the downturn with which he appeared in Granada.

The last quarter, the beginning, only ratified what had been seen before. There would be no surprise, no hint of a comeback. Madrid closed the pass to a Cup final from which it has not been removed since 2013, when Barça lowered it in the quarterfinals and after two extensions. Bump or not, this team almost always delivers.

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