Madrid needs a point guard

The real Madrid faces this Sunday Joventutin a traditional Spanish basketball clash, after conceding their first loss of the season, against Barça in the Euroleague. And he does it surrounded by information that points to the signing of a base, a need already known, but which became more manifest on Thursday in the Classic. The direction of the game is currently in the hands of the Chacho Rodriguezwho is 36 years old, and Sergio Lullpart-time point guard, who looks 35. Two great talents, without a doubt, but they seem insufficient resources in the face of a long season, and against more physical point guards, as happened at the Palau with Thomas Satoransky. In the template are Nigel Williams-Goss and Carlos Alocen, both still injured, the Spaniard with a worse perspective, although neither of them seems the alternative solution at the moment. And the punctual patches of Alberto Abalde, Adam Hanga and Dzanan Musawho may and do take that position occasionally, but it is not theirs.

Madrid needs to sign if you want to aspire to the maximum objectives with guarantee. And he’s going to do it. Option A was the return of Facundo Campazzo, a brilliant finish to an ambitious project. His arrival seemed close in recent times, and of course it was the most feasible if the Argentine returned to Europe, but the facu has finally opted for the Dallas Maverickswhere you will meet up with Luka Doncić. Despite the disappointment, the search has not stopped. This same Saturday it circulated with force the name of Shannon Evans, the base of Betis, who averages more than 20 points and 8 assists so far this year. An optimal choice. It will be Evans or it will be someone else. But will be. The need is pressing. And better, the sooner.

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