Madrid, meeting point for investors and entrepreneurs from Europe and Latin America

Investment in European startups exceeded 93,000 million dollars in 2021. In Latin America, it broke all previous records reaching 20,200 million dollars of investment in startups. The region recorded the largest relative increase worldwide in terms of investment for this type of company

These are data from the last report “State of Venture Capital 2021” of CB Insights, which counted 8,000 capital raising operations between Europe and Latin America last year, largely led by the growing number of venture capital firms. They operate in Latin America 353 VC investment firms (Venture Capital) according to Techcrunch, and in Europe another 2,500 according to the website specialized in the technological and entrepreneurial sector. Of them more than 250 are Spanish.

Many of these start-up and scale-up company financing professionals, both European and Latin American, will meet in Madrid between June 8 and 10 for the South Summit, the largest innovation and entrepreneurship meeting in Europe. There will also be no shortage of entrepreneurs looking for contacts, advice and, of course, capital to scale their projects.

One hundred emerging companies from Europe, Latin America or Asia will present their projects through the Startup Up Competition, one of the main events of the South Summit and which is co-organized with IE University, whose business school has been classified as the best in the world in entrepreneurship and occupies the 6th position according to a ranking by Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Last year’s edition was attended by 1,300 investors who manage a portfolio of no less than 180,000 million euros, a figure that exceeds, for example, the GDP of countries such as Ecuador, Guatemala or the Dominican Republic.

They will not be the only startups that will attend the event, since many others take advantage of the meeting to be present in the rest of the forums, negotiation tables and activities that make Madrid the world capital of entrepreneurship for a week, and in the hub of European and Latin American startups.

In many cases, entrepreneurs who used this meeting to scale, as in the case of Glovo or Cabify and who jumped from South Summit to other markets and became unicorns, usually return to the event individually or through venture capital funds to invest in the new promises. The feedback ecosystem.

The meeting celebrates a decade of existence, during which it has also been held in Mexico, Bogotá and Porto Alegre, a city that will be its Latin American headquarters for at least the next two years. And it does so with encouraging results for the finalists who participate in it. Ten years later, 90% of the ventures presented are still operating, and have added 9,000 million euros in capital injections, according to data from the organization itself.

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It will be a unique occasion to celebrate the results of ten years of networking in which more than 25,000 startups have passed through the South Summit, with a prominent Latin American presence and in which many regional unicorns, but also other startups in an earlier phase, will be able to explore opportunities for expand beyond their national or regional markets.

Under the slogan ‘decoding reality’ (‘decoding complexity), the latest technological advances, theinnovationand the fight againstclimate changeThey will mark the program of the event, where the founder and CEO of Khan Academy, Sal Khan, will also participate; Aerofarms co-founder and CEO Marc Oshima; the founder and CEO of ECOfashion Corp, Marci Zaroff, and the CEO of BioTech Foods, Iñigo Charola, among others. Al Gore, the former Vice President of the US for his part, will welcome attendees to the event during the opening ceremony.

In a world in which the geopolitical situation is beginning to fragment globalization, Latin American entrepreneurs, especially in the technology sector, do not stop breaking barriers and accessing new markets, both to finance themselves and to sell their products and services, generating quality employment in their parent countries. And reinforcing the economic integration of the region, since most startups usually operate in several markets within a few years of their creation.

The week of June 6 to 10, Los Angeles (USA) ministers and president will meet at the Summit of the Americas to discuss the future of the region in aspects such as trade integration, cross-border collaboration, sustainability or digitalization. Those same days Madrid will become the other summit, Euro-American in this case, in which thousands of entrepreneurs and investors will promote solutions to these problems with specific projects born from real problems facing the region.

–Igor Galo is Technical Director of the Report on Spanish Investment in Ibero-America.

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