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Madrid lose another youth squad to the power of Overtime Elite

Overtime Elite, the newly minted competition for promising young basketball players created in the United States for the 2021/22 season, continues to recruit big time. In Europe they are absorbing some of the best players of the 2005 generation such as the Romanian Tudor Somacescu or the Belgian Nathan Missia-Dio and in Spain, more specifically, they were not going to be less. One of the great claims for the League is Jean montero, Dominican who debuted last year in the ACB with Herbalife Gran Canaria and who has the NBA between eyebrow and eyebrow, but the Real Madrid He is the one who has seen how not one but two of his references from the quarry go there. Alexandre Sarr’s signature has been joined by that of a Spaniard who was his partner in the Whites’ cadet team: Izan Almansa.

As advanced Jonathan Givony (ESPN), Izan Almansa will be part of Overtime’s inaugural season. He leaves Real Madrid after two years in his quarry. He came from UCAM and has completed the cadet stage at the club in the capital of Spain. Born on June 7, 2005 in Murcia and already rising over 2.10 meters in height, he is considered, especially since he exploded in the training categories and attracted the interest of Madrid, as one of the most interesting player projects in Spain. your age.

Almansa was scheduled to play the FIBA ​​Challenger in the U16 category this August with Spain, but the FEB did not lead to Selection to the championship in Sofia (Bulgaria) because of the coronavirus. It would have been his first appearance after becoming the first Spaniard to be signed by Overtime Elite..

What is Overtime Elite?

There are several reasons why some of the best young players are taking that path.

The Elite is a league under the name of Overtime, a group of media that in the world of basketball puts a lot of focus on the training of players, in which training is promised over a whole year in the facilities that are being built in Atlanta and that will have the latest technology to help children in their development.

Another promise is money, of course: $ 100,000 at least for a member. In principle there will be 30 players and all will make life in the city of the state of Georgia. Behind the project are financially supporting Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, Drake, rapper and collaborator of the Raptors, or players Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James.

In what they define as a new transformative sports league “ the players, in addition to what was told, they will participate in the income from the use of their name and image, including through the sales of personalized t-shirts, business cards or video games “.

It is a new way to enter the NBA in case it grows as expected. The NCAA, the traditional gateway to the United States, has more competition after the creation of a special program in the G-League that has had the first fruits in this 2021 with names like Jalen Green or Jonathan Kuminga.

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