Madrid falls into the same ditch

Advance | The sensations on the Madrid court and the game had improved a lot on Tuesday against Efes, despite the defeat, and they did it again this Thursday in Tel Aviv, at least for 34 minutes, then… disastrous ending, total sinking, a carousel of mistakes and bad decisions with Heurtel crying out for change. The French base had been the offensive catalyst minutes before, with worthwhile baskets and risking the pass (good assists in the face of some losses), but in the decisive stretch he dragged his teammates into the hole, the Maccabi defense tightened, also the energy from the stands and Heurtel lacked legs and temper, he was not the only one. The whites repeated stumble, straight to the ditch. With 6:22 remaining, Deck scored after Heurtel’s fifth assist, the last basket in merengue play. Then, Poirier received an unsportsmanlike under the rim and pocketed the two free kicks: 65-74, +9 with 5:41 to go (in Istanbul it had been a +10 with 9:05 from the buzzer). No one added again, not even a measly point. In between, 12 wasted attacks, 12, and a Maccabean comeback: 10-0 and a narrow win, 75-74. Wilbekin resolved from the personal with 37 seconds remaining. From then on, Heurtel hits a three-pointer, Tavares taps the rebound, Llull is fouled without a shot, and in the next action Llull goes to the hoop on the right and Tavares catches the rebound. He protects the ball with his arms and they snatch it from him, it could be a foul, they call a jump between two. Edy wins it and almost without time Yabusele plays it unsuccessfully cornered and harassed by two opponents. A very poor ending, a last six minutes for the gallery of horrors. The twelfth loss in 22 games in the last two months.

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