Madrid come back 19 points and derail Barcelona

Barça played a fantastic 25 first minutes, mentally grabbed the trophy and disconnected thinking that everything was done. Against almost any rival it may be that way, but not against this Madrid of deeds, like the one that almost signed against Efes last April. That of this Sunday in Tenerife will go down in the annals of the Super Cup. From 19 below (63-44) to rise from the sports grave and put the eternal rival into it (83-88). A trilero action, a circus juggling led by a fantastic Alocén at the helm, with his sixth gear to overtake rivals, and by the eternal Llull, ‘The Incredible’ …. the rescuer. He dropped 24 points in 19:41 with 5 of 6 of two, 3 of 5 of three and 5 of 6 from the personal for a 27 valuation. MVP. Still 79-69 with 6:26 remaining, Poirier played a decisive role, back and forth, like a freight train. Well Williams-Goss and also key Yabusele. The 21st title of the Laso era, after 30 finals in 41 championships, came with a feat, a giant. An unexpected comeback that is worth the fourth Super Cup in a row, something that only Baskonia had achieved. The eighth in the record, the seventh in the last ten years.

By this stage of the course, in step one, the game went well. A vigorous and successful start, especially from Barça, who took five minutes to miss his first shot after hitting four 3-pointers. Non-shooters, such as Oriola and Calathes, took advantage of the defensive laxity on them at seven meters (16-11). Taylor and Hanga were on the starting court, but to defend Higgins and Hayes, although with the usual changes and adjustments on Calathes. Coincidence or not, the application back improved with the departure of Alocén by Heurtel. The hand, in addition, overcame a stopper received in the race with two triples.

The first quarter closed in a handkerchief (23-22), with Real recovering the tino in the triple (4 of 6) lost in the semifinal and both technicians showing off their squads. In that act, 21 players had already participated, including the white youth squad Vukcevic, who complied even if Smits and Barça looked for the defensive seams from minute 10. Without Thompkins or Randolph, Yabusele is a cornerstone and would soon be very apparent. Madrid with a bugle call from Llull (baskets, 2 + 1 and triple) was still holding on: 35-34. The third foul by the French power forward set off Madrid’s alarms. Laso chose to place Taylor, a short, as Mirotic’s prey dog… it didn’t work. Much advantage of the culé star, directly and in the imbalances that his defense created, including the rebound. The second response of the coach was to put in the youth squad Ndiaye (the 17th he makes his debut).

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Barça caught the rhythm, had control and Mirotic was important (12 points between the end of the period and the start of the next). The trend would be accentuated after the break, again with Yabusele, but, while Calathes ruled, Heurtel did not raise his troop: 63-44, minute 25 (partial of 28-10).

And then, with everything gained for some and lost for others, an arreón of pride and courage led by Alocén and Llull turned the duel into a matter of faith, the impossible comeback was feasible: 76-69 with Llull’s 16th goal in 8 minutes. Williams-Goss would oxygenate the two heroes and Alocén would return after a brief respite with one more march, connecting with Poirier in the heights and the whites planned: 79-78 at 3:17. Davies broke the culé drought four minutes later: 81-78. It did not matter, his team was mentally out and was not going to re-engage (4-19 in the last six minutes). Williams-Goss nailed a triple and Yabusele, Poirier and Alocén solved from the line and still with fouls to commit behind (5 to 1 came to mark the fourth box). The Super Cup flew to Madrid with Llull of MVP, as in the old days. The Laso era is on its way to reconquest.

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