The historic 2020-21 season of the Women in Black from Movistar Estudiantes received the recognition of the Madrid City Council: Award for sporting success at the III Women Athletes Gala. Captain Leslie Knight received the award from Gabriela Seisdedos, a pioneer of women’s motocross, in a gala that had the participation of the mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida; the vice mayor, Begoña Villacis, and the delegate councilor for Sports, Sofía Miranda.

The Women in Black Movistar Estudiantes are engaged in the 2021-22 season, in which the results of the previous historic campaign are still being collected, such as their participation in Eurocup (today they have a very important home game against Liege Panthers). That historic 2020-21 season, in which Movistar Estudiantes finished in fifth place in the Endesa Women’s League, playing playoffs and the Queen’s Cup and achieving that aforementioned qualification for Europe, has been recognized by the Madrid City Council as the greatest sporting success in team sports in the past year.

It has been in the III #Poderosas Sports Women Gala, in which the Madrid City Council has recognized the trajectory of sportswomen, women’s sports clubs and major events featuring women. An appointment with which the City Council echoes, in addition, the current situation of women’s sport in our country, in which women acquire more and more visibility in areas such as sport, turning their successes into references for the younger generations .

Martínez-Almeida spoke of Movistar Estudiantes like this: “What would Madrid be without institutions like Movistar Estudiantes. To which we owe so much, a club that we Madrid love so much, that has given us so much throughout its history and that has also done so much for women’s sport. The captain of the team told us, we are talking about a girls’ basketball school of more than 500 women, practically from 3 years old to professionals. That an institution of the importance of Movistar Estudiantes has made that decisive, firm, unequivocal commitment to women’s sport, creating a quarry that is unparalleled in the city of Madrid makes it one of the most beloved institutions, without a doubt, for the people of Madrid “.


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