Madonna continues to provoke. Age or physique does not matter. At 63 years of age, the pop diva has just been exhibited in an extra sensual way in a series of 10 photographs that piled up on social networks causing a media fire between pokers and placators.

"Angel taking care of me"The singer wrote in the post of her publication on Instagram, referring to the image that is on the bed in which she posed wearing mesh stockings and underwear.

In the captures the interpreter of "Like a Virgin" He wanted to expose the figure that he maintains and did not hesitate to show his body of his symbols such as the crucifix on his chest.

As in her old days, the American music star is seen in provocative poses on and around a bed, wearing black lingerie, fishnet stockings and Louboutin stilettos, with her signature red sole.

The photographs generate controversy between liberals and conservatives, especially because of the "devilish poses"They face the figure of an angel.

The series of photographs have a concept in subdued colors with a predominance of black and white that give rise to the fact that some commented that “it seems reptilian” and others more that “it is one more sample of its illuminati ideology”.

"The Queen of pop" He later wrote in his stories a quote from the poet Mary Oliver: "Beauty without purpose is beauty without virtue, but all beautiful things have this function: to excite viewers towards sublime thought. Glory to the world, that good teacher".



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