The passion of Madhubala, the legend of Hindi cinema, spoke in everyone’s head. Madhubala ruled millions of hearts at that time. When Madhubala worked in movies, his name was associated with many stars. Madhubala’s name was also associated with veteran actor Dilip Kumar. Discussions about the love story of Madhubala and Dilip Kumar are going on even today. Dilip Kumar and Madhubala’s relationship lasted about nine years but the two did not get along and the actress remarried the great Singhar Kishore Kumar.

Madhubala’s father reportedly did not approve of his daughter’s relationship with Dilip Kumar. Madhubala’s father did not even like that the daughter worked with Dilip Kumar. When BR Chopra cast Madhubala and Dilip Kumar in the film Naya Daur, the actress’s father did not allow her to go to another city for filming. After this, BR Chopra was forced to take Vyjayanthimala in the film instead of Madhubala. When the photos of Dilip Kumar and Vyjayanthi were published in the newspaper to promote the film, Madhubala was furious and took the matter to court. Dilip Kumar also had to go to court to testify, after which Madhubala and the actor parted ways.

After parting ways with Dilip Kumar, Madhubala gave his heart to Kishore Kumar. Madhubala and Kishore Kumar worked together on Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi and Half Ticket. During that time they both fell in love. When Kishore Kumar later proposed to Madhubala, the actress also agreed. Kishore Kumar even changed his religion and name to Madhubala. Madhubala found out after the marriage that he had heart disease. Madhubala died at the age of 36 after battling the disease for a long time.



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