Macron: “We have to prepare for an attack by Russia”

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday that we must prepare for an attack from Russia in the coming years, stressing that Vladimir Putin’s regime cannot win the war in Ukraine.

“The collective analysis is that we need to prepare for an attack from Russia in a few years,” said one of the countries presentMacron said this at the opening of a conference to support Ukraine in Paris, attended by 21 heads of state and government and ministers from five other nations.

Leaders from European countries in particular traveled to the French capital, such as Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, but representatives from the USA and Canada also traveled.

The French leader called on Ukraine’s allies to provide a “push” to support Ukraine at a time when the Russian offensive on the ground has intensified, stressing the West’s “determination” for Russia to “resolve this conflict.” not eliminated.”

But the position of the Putin regime has also hardened on the domestic political level, recalled Macron, “which unfortunately became clear with the death of Russian opponent Alexei Navalny, who recently died in prison.”

“We all agree that we do not want to go to war with the Russian people,” Macron also noted this, but emphasized the idea that we must “ensure our collective security today and tomorrow.”

The challenges lie not only at the military level, but also at other levels, such as cybersecurity and information.

Macron also congratulated Sweden for joining NATO after the Hungarian parliament voted for its entry on Monday.

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Although he was not personally present in Paris, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also spoke at the opening of the conference with a video message in which he thanked Macron for holding this event and the support of all allies.

“Together we have already saved millions of lives and together we must ensure that Putin cannot destroy our achievements and expand his aggression to other countries,” Zelensky said.

The main aim of this forum, prepared a few days after Zelensky’s visit to Paris on February 16 and the subsequent Munich Security Conference, is to convey a message of unity and deny that support for Kiev has waned after two years of conflict.

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