Macron suggests sending European soldiers to Ukraine, and France responds: “War against Russia would be crazy”

Emmanuel Macron’s controversial proposal Sending European troops to Ukraine to fight Russia has caused a stir in some sectors of France. Marine Le Pen The leader of the National Group (RN) accuses the President of the Republic of “playing war leader” and warns that “peace or war is at stake in our country.” The Left Jean-Luc Melenchon and other senior officials of France Insoumise as well as the leader of the Socialist Party, Olivier FaureHe sharply criticized the head of state. ““A war against Russia would be crazy.”Mélenchon replied on social media.

Macron said during the international conference with EU and OTA leaders that sending Western troops to Ukrainian territory cannot be “ruled out” in the future. There is no consensus for this proposal. All European leaders agree that progress towards “a war economy” to help Kiev to counter the Russian invasion. The defeat of Russia is crucial for the security and stability of Europe“Said Macron in a press conference after the conclusion of the meeting of more than twenty European heads of state and government.

The French head of state noted this “Today there is no consensus” to send ground troops, but warned that nothing could be ruled out in the future, and he gave that as an example two years ago Nobody thought about sending fighter jets to Ukraine, he said, referring to the F-16s from several European countries that are about to arrive in Ukraine. Macron thought about it Increase in Russian aggressivenessBoth on Ukrainian soil and with the rest of its European allies it could hardly wait to give an answer and assumed there was a “moderate lack of clarity” about the deployment of troops.

He was the Slovak Prime Minister, Populist Robert Fico, who brought this measure to the table and although it did not receive majority support, it became the big news of the meetingBecause, as Macron summarized, “everything must be done so that Russia does not win this war.” The French president declined to elaborate on France’s position on the issue, claiming a “Strategic ambiguity that I accept”. But “I didn’t say at all that France wasn’t for it,” he warned. “I will not clear up the ambiguities of this afternoon’s debates by naming names. I say it was mentioned among the options.”he added.

The French president noted that at the meeting it was agreed to deal with two further measures, one related to the supply of medium and long-range missiles to Ukraine and another related to the joint issuance of European Union debt securities to finance this war effort the one introduced after the Covid pandemic.

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The French head of state has recognized this The announcement of the delivery of one million projectiles to Ukraine was “undoubtedly a reckless commitment” on the part of the EU. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky regretted that only 30% of the projectiles promised by the European Union to Kiev by March 2024 had been delivered. “The reality is that in the short term only the ammunition that is in stock or that is produced just in time can be delivered,” explained Emmanuel Macron during his press conference this Monday afternoon. the Elysee. “It is clear that we did not have this million ammunition. It was certainly a reckless commitment,” he admitted.

Germany says no to the delivery of Taurus rockets

In the first case it was the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz was hesitant that his country should deliver Taurus rockets to Kievwhich can reach a range of 500 kilometers to prevent an escalation of the conflict, but did not oppose other countries such as France or the United Kingdom and continued to send shorter-range Scalp missiles, which they were already supplying to Ukraine.

Covid-style mutualized debt

In the case of Mutualized debt proposed by Estonia Macron emphasized that a country like Germany, which was not very in favor of these initiatives, supported them, justifying them by saying that Russian aggression against Ukraine “invariably” affects the security of the entire continent.

Another point where progress needs to be made is make the sanctions imposed against Russia more efficient, Therefore, Macron assured that those countries and companies that help Russia bypass vetoes on its exports and sell military materials or technology will be punished.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky complained in a recorded speech played during the summit that only 30% of howitzers promised by Europe had been delivered to his troops, something Macron admitted, promising in the countries that have them. to search for these weapons and increase production, all with a clear schedule that can be met to “give visibility to the Ukrainian armed forces.”

The French president appealed “a leap forward” in aid to Ukraine without waiting for the US Congress Do not release the aid requested by the Biden administration and do not wait for the results of this country’s election next November.

“Currently Europe provides 30% of aid to Ukraine. This is a European war and I believe in a Europe of defense (…) We cannot leave the fate of this war that determines our future to the American voter.” “Let’s not.” Wait for the result, “Let’s act now,” he said.

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