Macron promises ‘no weakness’ response to Russian invasion

The President of the Republic spoke to the French in a short speech in response to Russia’s surprise attack in Ukraine overnight from Wednesday to Thursday. Faced with what he describes as a “violation of the Charter of the United Nations”, Emmanuel Macron promised that “in this ordeal, France stands alongside Ukraine”. “My determination to protect you will be unrelenting,” he added.

The Head of State, who spoke with the Ukrainian flag in the background, alongside the French and European flags, also assured that France would respond “without weakness and with cold blood” and that “the sanctions imposed on Russia will be equal to the aggression of which it is guilty”. Sanctions which will relate to “the military and economic plan as much as in the field of energy”.

“By reneging on his word, by choosing war, President Vladimir Putin has decided to flout the sovereignty of Ukraine and to carry the most serious attack on the stability of our Europe for decades”, added Emmanuel Macron calling to give up nothing “of our unity around our principles”.

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